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CNBC: Katie Hill faces angry votes at California town hall
Torunn Sinclair | April 29, 2019

Katie Hill’s town hall did not go as planned last weekend. 

Hill – used to layup interviews on CNN and MSNBC – was taken aback by the questions and the anger of her constituents as she faced their real-life problems (i.e. NOT the Mueller report) away from her D.C. safety net.

Hill has appeared on network television more than a dozen times to spin the Mueller investigation and report. Yet, at her town hall, Hill’s constituents weren’t focused on Robert Mueller. Hill’s constituents peppered her with questions about her views and action on immigration, the border wall and global warming.

Unlike the TV pundits who are infatuated with Hill, CA-25 voters didn’t like what they were hearing.

Read Jeff Daniels’ full article on CNBC.com

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