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Allred praises bigot
Bob Salera | May 13, 2019

As his party continues to descend into anti-Semitism, Colin Allred opted to heap praise on the anti-Semitic Imam his socialist Democrats chose to give the invocation on the House floor last week.

The bigot in question, Omar Suleiman, is based in Irving, TX and has a long history of hateful remarks, including comparing Israel to the KKK, accusing Israel of committing genocide, and defending Ilhan Omar’s repeated use of anti-Semitic tropes. But Allred sees nothing wrong, saying his message “is needed now more than ever,” and even posing for a photo with him.

NRCC Comment: “Colin Allred and the socialist Democrats’ normalization of anti-Semitism is dangerous and disgusting. Allred is either ignorant of Omar Suleiman’s long history of bigotry or he doesn’t think it matters; either is inexcusable for a member of Congress.” – NRCC Spokesman Bob Salera

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