TX-10 Dem primary filling up quick

May 21, 2019

Yet another lightweight candidate jumped into the TX-10 primary this morning, with liberal abortion lawyer Shannon Hutcheson entering the field.

Hutcheson, who does not live in the 10th Congressional District, will spend the race repeating DCCC talking points about being a “moderate” and a “problem solver,” but in reality will just be another rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi and the socialist Democrats. But first she’ll have to make it through a messy primary against socialist loser Mike Siegel and socialist doctor Pritesh Gandhi.

NRCC Comment: “Shannon Hutcheson is just another carpetbagging socialist Democrat running to be a rubber stamp for all of the left’s extreme policies, from the oil and gas killing Green New Deal to socialized medicine. Hutcheson’s entry into the primary ensures that whichever socialist comes out on top will be broke and badly damaged heading into next November.” – NRCC Spokesman Bob Salera