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NRCC Weekly Rundown: GOP victory in PA-12, Fake Nurse Lauren Underwood exposed
Natalie Baldassarre | May 24, 2019

And here’s this week’s edition of the NRCC Weekly Rundown:
Congratulations to the newest member of the House Republican Conference, Fred Keller, on his victory in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District!

(National) House Democrats continue to be plagued by infighting and dysfunction as they struggle to follow through on a number of key campaign promises. This week, a new report detailed Nancy Pelosi and the socialist Democrats’ complete ineptitude when it comes to delivering a plan that raises the minimum wage. This latest failure fits with the long list of disastrous results for the socialist Democrats who have spent their time on meaningless messaging billssocialist fantasies, defending anti-Semitism, and now, baseless impeachment proceedings. Rather than accomplishing anything meaningful for voters, the socialist Democrats have shown they’d rather please their rabid socialist base.

(National) The socialist Democrats have allowed abortion zealots to commandeer their party, as DCCC Chairwoman Cheri “Beltway” Bustos abandoned a scheduled fundraiser for pro-life Democrat Dan Lipinski to avoid infuriating the angry radicals dominating the party. Now the question is when will the left’s infanticide-loving mob come for vulnerable “pro-life” Democrats like Ben McAdams and Collin Peterson? The clock is ticking

(CA-10) NARAL – an abortion advocacy group that lobbies for the ability to have an abortion up to the moment of birth – endorsed Josh Harder for reelection this week. Harder represents a swing district in California, and polls are showing that more Americans are identifying as pro-life and disagree with socialist Democrats’ pro-infanticide stance. Bottom line: This endorsement is going to hurt Josh Harder’s reelection prospects.
(CA-25, CA-48) California Reps. Katie Hill and Harley Rouda have vocalized their support for the baseless impeachment of President Trump, which is an interesting strategy given they represent Republican-leaning congressional districts. But, if you follow their campaign cash, you’ll see that it leads to socialist billionaire megadonor Tom Steyer and conspiracy clown Adam Schiff. Hill and Rouda will say and do anything to pad their campaign coffers – even if it means falsely accusing the President of the United States.

(CA-49) Like your SUV? Too bad! Last week SoCal socialist Mike Levin introduced legislation that aims to eliminate the sale of gasoline-powered cars by 2040, despite the fact that 98% of cars sold in the U.S. today are gas-powered vehicles. The bill has already been endorsed by East Coast socialists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – who even likened it to her ridiculous Green New Deal.
(FL-26) Debbie Mucarsel-Powell is still being controlled by the socialists in her caucus. This week, Mucarsel-Powell bizarrely and falsely rantedPresident Trump is “acting as an authoritarian leader, which I have seen many times in Latin America, and it is very dangerous.” But, oddly enough, Debbie has yet to call for the removal of bigoted anti-Semite Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee after she voiced support for murderous dictator Nicolas Maduro, an… authoritarian leader in Latin America. Her socialist puppet masters must be pleased!

(GA-06) Lucy McBath (D – Tennessee) voted this week to oppose a measure to disqualify any DREAMER with a gun crime conviction from getting a green card. This move comes after she talked about the need for commonsense gun reform legislation. Not giving legal status to people who have committed gun crimes seems like the common sense solution, but Lucy would rather toe the party line
(IL-14) The emotional socialist Democrats have triggered themselves into a tizzy over the fact that Fake Nurse Lauren Underwood is, in fact, a fake nurse. Despite touting her “hands on experience,” with patients during the campaign and in Congress, her own resume proves she’s never actually treated a patient. Even Underwood herself admitted treating patients just “wasn’t her interest.” She even failed the NCLEX exam the first time she took it – even though it has a 90% pass rate! No wonder she had to run BS photoshopped campaign ads posing as a dentist – stethoscope, scrubs and all!

(IL-14, NY-11) Fake Nurse Lauren Underwood reached a new level of derangement over the border crisis this week, accusing Department of Homeland Security officials of committing murderUnderwood drew immediate bipartisan backlash for claiming recent deaths at the southern border were “intentional,” and a “policy choice.” Instead of standing with our border security officials and condemning Underwood’s abhorrent statementsRep. Max Rose voted to support her shameful comments. These unhinged Reps. should be ashamed for spreading disgusting, false smears against the men and women fighting to keep us safe.
(NE-02) In an interview with the Every Second Year Blog, Comrade Kara Eastman rattled off her support for a socialist wish list that would make Karl Marx blush. The looney ideas in Comrade Kara’s manifesto include socialized health care, the Green New deal, abolishing the electoral college, and forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for political campaign ads. Thank you, Comrade Kara, for making our job a little easier!
(NJ-03) Andy Kim had another train wreck of a town hall this week, revealing just how out of touch he is with New Jersey voters. Kim claimed “climate change has a greater risk to us than terrorism,” lied about taking corporate PAC money, and was confronted by a veteran about the “unpatriotic anti-Semitic comments coming out of Congress.” Looks like voters are catching on to Kim’s phony act and holding him accountable for the radical socialist policies his party is pushing. 
(NJ-05) A very unwell Josh Gottheimer is screaming for help after a brutal exposé detailed his disturbing pattern of abusive, violent behavior towards staff and subordinates. Instead of expressing remorse for his actions, Gottheimer doubled down, telling colleagues the story “will help me raise money.” Hopefully Josh can use some of that money to seek the professional help he clearly needs…
(NJ-11) Last weekend Mikie Sherrill revealed her plan to combat illegal immigration which includes rewarding failing countries – like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – with more U.S. tax dollars. When confronted about how she plans to stop the flood of migrants entering the United States, Sherrill responded by telling a concerned NJ-11 voter, “…we need to fund more support, more foreign aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.” Unacceptable.
(NC-09) Dan McCready has been avoiding answering tough questions for months and NC-09 residents are sick of it, demanding he talk about real issues. The Charlotte Observer has already blasted McCready for dodging the issues, writing “What exactly would voters get in Dan McCready? Don’t ask him.” McCready must think voters are stupid, given that he’s dodging tough questions and going back on his condemnation of dark money.
(TX-10) Yet another lightweight candidate jumped into the TX-10 Democratic primary this week, with liberal abortion lawyer Shannon Hutcheson entering the field. Hutcheson, who does not live in the 10th district, will repeat DCCC talking points about being a “moderate,” but in reality will just be another rubber stamp for the socialist Democrats and their radical agenda. Hutcheson’s entry into this messy primary ensures that whichever socialist comes out on top will be broke and badly damaged come next November.
(TX-22) For reasons known only to his campaign, socialist loser Sri Kulkarni is touting the endorsement of failed gubernatorial candidate, and threatened TX-21 candidate, Wendy Davis. It’s unclear why Kulkarni wants to tie himself to a far-left former state senator best known for filibustering pro-life legislation and losing to Governor Abbott by 20 points in 2014, but we agree that voters in the 22nd District should be aware!
(TX-24) Disgraced former Air Force officer, war profiteer and failed statewide candidate Kim Olson officially kicked off her congressional campaign this week. Olson, who lives 70 miles outside the 24th district, will probably avoid discussing how she avoided a court martial for using her position to steer millions in defense contracts to a firm she helped operate by “retiring” from the Air Force and accepting a fine and reprimand. Olson has already been kicked out of the Air Force, and rejected by Texas voters – soon she’ll be able to add ‘failed socialist Democrat congressional candidate’ to her lengthy, sorry, resume!
(TX-32) Billy Chemirmir, a criminal illegal immigrant who served multiple stints in jail, was arrested last week on charges of murdering a dozen elderly women in Dallas and Collin Counties. One official who is sure to come under scrutiny is Rep. Colin Allred, who has been a vocal supporter of the sanctuary policies that may have helped keep this serial killer in Dallas. When Texas banned sanctuary cities in 2017, Allred condemned the action, saying, “This law is cruel. It is inhumane. And it is an insult to the generations of Latinos and others who built this state. I condemn this law, and call for its immediate repeal.” Allred’s assumption that all illegal immigrants are Latino is a racist trope and his opposition to SB 4 shows a serious lack of judgment that may have gotten multiple elderly Texans killed.
(VA-07) Abigail Spanberger spouted off this week, criticizing the Trump administration’s position on Iran. Spanberger said she hasn’t seen “any exhibited strategy,” and said she found the administration’s recent statements on Iran to be “deeply troubling.” It may be a good idea for Abigail to sit this debate out given that she thinks rabid anti-Semite Ilhan Omar is a good representative to foster America’s middle-east policy.
(VA-10) Jennifer Wexton also has an anti-Semite problem, as a new report details Virginia Delegate Ibraheem Samirah’s (AKA Wexton’s protégé) connection to anti-Semitic and anti-Israel groups. Samirah spoke at a Hamas-affiliated conference, is the son of a Hamas fundraiser, and fully supports the BDS movement! Maybe that’s why Wexton hasn’t signed onto the anti-BDS discharge petition or called for Ilhan Omar to be removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee…

News & Notes

In health care debate, Underwood dogged by exaggeration of nursing experience

A spokesperson for Republican members of Congress recently got Twitter slammed for referring to freshman congresswoman Lauren Underwood (D-Naperville) as a “fake nurse.”

But Carly Atchison with the National Republican Congressional Committee was right in pointing out a running deception of Underwood’s about her work experience as a practicing nurse. She is registered to practice nursing but she never has practiced in Illinois or anywhere else.

The most glaring embellishment of Underwood’s experience as a nurse came through in her first campaign commercial where she greets a mother and her two children in what appears to be the reception area of a doctor’s office. Clipboard in hand, she’s sporting blue hospital scrubs and a stethoscope around her neck. READ.

California GOP picks favorites for re-flipping seats Democrats won in midterms

After last year’s midterm drubbing that cost Republicans seven California congressional seats, GOP leaders are going all out to try to show that those Democratic wins were one-off aberrations that won’t be repeated in 2020.

“We’re very confident we can get those seats back,” said Torunn Sinclair, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Congressional Committee. “These are all seats we held in 2016” and for years before that.

But Republicans don’t hold them now, and that’s just embarrassing for the party. Not only did those flipped seats help the Democrats take control of the House, but they also came from some of the state’s best-known GOP strongholds.

Four of those new Democratic seats are in Orange County, which, for the first time since the 1930s, doesn’t have a single Republican in Congress. Two others are in the Central Valley, and the seventh is in the northern edges of Los Angeles County.

The Republican Party is recruiting some big-name candidates they hope can take back those seats. READ.

An ‘obvious trap’? Democrats weigh political cost of impeachment

Congressional Democrats have a decision to make: Where are they going on impeachment, and at what political cost?

A group that has been pushing since 2017 for Trump’s impeachment will be airing ads this weekend in Iowa and New Hampshire urging Democratic leaders to take action.

But many Democrats, including a past chairman of the party committee focused on winning and holding control of the House, say it is not where the voters want them to go and could backfire in 2020, much as the impeachment and acquittal of then-President Bill Clinton hurt the GOP.

After last fall’s historic midterm gains, Democrats control 31 seats in districts President Donald Trump won in 2016, and they need to win them again next fall to keep the majority. It’s hard to find any Democratic strategist involved in competitive House races who thinks impeachment would help that effort. READ.

Former Staffers Bash ‘Narcissistic, Egotistical Sociopath’ Josh Gottheimer (D)

New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D., N.J.) doesn’t want his staff sleeping when he sends them emails, even if it’s the middle of the night.

Interviews of former staffers and associates “painted a portrait of a man who pits staffers against each other, screams easily, throws pens with regularity, and berates aides if they are asleep when he sends an email, no matter the time of night,” reported The Intercept’s Ryan Grim.

“Josh Gottheimer is the biggest [jerk] I have ever worked for, ever,” said one former lawyer who worked alongside Gottheimer at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Gottheimer served as the senior counsel to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski from 2010 to 2012.

“Never experienced anything like it. Narcissistic, egotistical sociopath,” a former congressional staffer of Gottheimer said when asked about working for him. READ.

Abortion rights group endorses Josh Harder. Will it help him win in the Central Valley?

The pro-choice group NARAL is beginning its work to elect Democrats in 2020 by highlighting a candidate it overlooked in last year’s “blue wave” midterm races: Rep. Josh Harder of California’s Central Valley.

It announced its support for Harder on Thursday, pledging to help him keep a purple district that he flipped from four-term Republican Rep. Jeff Denham in November.

The politically polarizing issue — even more so right now, as some states legislatures are adopting restrictive abortion bans— is not one Harder has embraced, though he has made it clear he is pro-choice. READ.

GOP Sees Positive Signs for 2020 in Pa. Special Election Win

Democrat Marc Friedenberg was on the ballot again in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District on Tuesday—this time facing a relatively unknown state lawmaker rather than a four-term incumbent congressman—and he lost by an even bigger margin, a sign to Republicans that 2020 will not be a repeat of 2018.

Republican Fred Keller defeated Friedenberg by more than 36 points in Tuesday’s special election, a margin greater than the 32 points the district was won by last November. Keller’s win was expected, but underlying factors identified by Republicans, such as waning Democratic enthusiasm and the unpopularity of policies such as the Green New Deal, have the party hopeful it will be able to rebound next November.

A memo released by the National Republican Congressional Committee Wednesday identified the 12th district election as the “first trial run” against a Democratic candidate who runs on policies such as Medicare for All and the Green New Deal.

“The results in the PA-12 special election highlight the debilitating impact the socialist Democrats’ extreme agenda will have on their electoral chances,” the memo stated. “Democrat candidate Marc Friedenberg proudly ran on the new socialist Democrat playbook and the result was abysmal, as he was defeated by more than 36 points.” READ.

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