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Beltway Bustos hides from NPR
Carly Atchison | June 12, 2019

Has anyone heard from Beltway Bustos? 

She failed to respond to multiple press inquiries from her local NPR station regarding her stance on partial birth abortions, which were just made legal today in Illinois.

Apparently Bustos, who heads the DCCC and often boasts her support of the free press, is scared of being exposed to voters as the infanticide enthusiast that she is.

Or maybe she is just too busy enjoying life inside the DC Beltway to care about the local press.

NRCC Comment: “It’s beyond pathetic that Cheri Bustos can’t muster up the courage to tell her local NPR station that she, along with the organization she runs, is supportive of partial birth abortions.” -NRCC Spokeswoman Carly Atchison

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