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Emmer calls out Beltway Bustos in her home media market
Michael McAdams | June 12, 2019

There’s one House campaign committee chair willing to discuss partial birth abortion with the press in Cheri Bustos’s district, and it isn’t Bustos.   

Bustos refused multiple requests for comment from her local NPR affiliate regarding Democratic Governor JB Pritzker legalizing partial birth abortions today.

But don’t worry, Chairman Tom Emmer made sure Illinois voters understand the extreme lengths the DCCC Chairwoman is willing to go to appease the abortion lobby.

From NPR Affiliate WBEZ:

“I would ask them all quite frankly, Cheri Bustos, where they stand on these issues,” Emmer said, specifically referring to abortion. “Because we’re going to.”

Neither Underwood nor Bustos responded to multiple WBEZ requests for comment.

In May, Bustos, who favors abortion rights, generated headlines for backing out of a fundraiser for U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski, D-Ill., one of the Democratic Party’s few remaining anti-abortion advocates on Capitol Hill. At the time, Bustos justified her cancellation on the basis of being “deeply alarmed” at the rise of anti-abortion legislation in Republican-controlled state houses across the country.

In graphic terms, Emmer specifically singled out Bustos and her silence on the Illinois legislation.

“If she’s running the campaigns for Democrat House members across the country, what’s her message? Is she embracing this far left, extremist position that basically you can suck the brains out of a child that is viable right up until the time of natural birth and even after natural birth under certain circumstances, you can take the life of that child or you can choose not to support the life of that child?” he asked. “I think you do have to ask those questions because it is important to voters, and voters can make a choice.

“These people don’t represent American mainstream values,” he said. “These extreme abortionists who want abortion on demand right up until even after the child is born, that’s not the representative we want to vote for.”

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