POLLING: Katie Porter’s constituents disagree with impeachment

June 18, 2019

Katie Porter, who  has said over and over that her constituents aren’t focused on impeachment, has flipped on the issue and is now in favor of an impeachment inquiry. 

Polling shows that voters, not just in Porter’s moderate California district, but across the state disagree with Porter’s move.

A A UC Berkeley poll released just last week and reported on by the LA Times found that just 35 percent of registered voters in California (both Republicans AND Democrats) think Congress should proceed with an impeachment inquiry.

NRCC Comment: “Katie Porter is so consumed by her hatred of President Trump that she is willing to thumb her nose at her constituents, the majority of whom oppose impeachment.  This will cost Porter her seat in Congress in 2020.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Torunn Sinclair