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Texas Dem candidate minimizes the Holocaust
Bob Salera | June 19, 2019

In today’s edition of “What the Hell is Wrong With Texas Democrats?”, TX-31 candidate Christine Eady Mann is minimizing the Holocaust and accusing the United States of running concentration camps. She then went on to speculate that the government would soon begin to round people up from their homes and execute them.

Mann joins such disgraces as New York socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and MSNBC host Chris Hayes in their absurd and dangerous rhetoric that resulted in them being called out by the Auschwitz Museum.

Just a tip for socialist politicians and the media hacks who try to cover for them – if your tweets put you on a different side of the Holocaust from the Auschwitz Museum, it’s time to delete your account.

NRCC Comment: “Christine Eady Mann’s disgusting rhetoric minimizes the horrors of the Holocaust and has no place in our public discourse. If the Texas Democratic Party and Cheri Bustos’ DCCC won’t immediately denounce Mann’s candidacy they are complicit in her dangerous and vile campaign tactics.” – NRCC Spokesman Bob Salera

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