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Law enforcement hater Christine Mann also a liar
Bob Salera | June 26, 2019

Socialist law enforcement hater Christine Eady Mann has been triggered by being called out for her disgusting rhetoric and extreme views. And she’s responding by lying on a podcast.

Mann was on the Backwards in High Heels podcast today and she had a mini-meltdown recounting the NRCC’s press releases going after her for minimizing the Holocaust, tweeting a picture that said “F**k ICE” with a middle finger, and endorsing a host of socialist policies.

She then bizarrely claimed that the NRCC sent a fundraising email utilizing her name to raise money. This is a lie. No such fundraising email was sent, and it wouldn’t make sense to name her in a fundraising blast as no one knows who she is.

Click HERE for a clip of her meltdown.

PS: speaking of donating to to the NRCC, if you want to do so, please check out our fancy new WinRed page HERE.

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