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TJ Cox backdates resignation from Canadian gold mine
Torunn Sinclair | July 9, 2019

Now, even the Project on Government Oversight is slamming TJ Cox for his corruption. 


TJ Cox, who sits on the House Natural Resources Committee, says he cut business ties with a Canadian gold mine in February 2019, but Canada has no record of it until June 2019.

Between February and June 2019, TJ Cox was asked three separate times – once by McClatchy, once by Rep. Grijalva and once by Bloomberg – if he had cut ties with the Canadian gold mine.  Not once did he say he resigned from the company in February.

According to Canadian law, once you resign from a board you must notify the government within 15 days. Otherwise, how will anyone know if you’re actually off the board? 

Corrupt Cox just keeps on lying!

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