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ICYMI: Time for Bustos to put America first
Carly Atchison | September 11, 2019


Cheri “Beltway” Bustos is taking heat locally for putting her hatred of President Trump over helping farmers.

Not that Cheri cares what’s going on back home… She’s too busy dealing with her DCCC blowing last night’s special election.

In case you missed it…

Letter: Time for Bustos to put America first


Bill Bloom

September 11, 2019


I am watching Congresswoman Cheri Bustos on a Sunday news program. She is berating the president over the trade war with China.

China is an existential threat. It has stolen technology through espionage and predatory agreements, and it has has stolen markets through dumping of strategic materials like steel and aluminum. It has stolen jobs, manufacturing jobs in particular. During the years of the Obama administration, the Chinese expanded this predatory practice to foreign policy, international territory by militarizing the South China Sea.

President Donald Trump can read the tea leaves and see what happens if these practices are not ended. It does not take an oracle to conclude that if we do not fix this while we are the dominant nation, what chance do we have if the day comes when we are not?

It would be beneficial if we faced our foreign adversaries with a single face rather than having the Democrats continuously trying to undercut the president’s efforts to level the Chinese playing field.

Congress should instead ask, “How can we help?” Democrats supporting the Chinese gives them encouragement to drag this out. The word “collusion” comes to mind.

If Bustos really wants to improve trade relations with Mexico and Canada, she could start by pushing for passage of the Canada Mexico Trade Agreement, which is on her desk.

This agreement helps American agriculture and, so far, she seems unaware it exists.

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