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Keep oil prices high
Bob Salera | September 13, 2019

Accidental Congresswoman Kendra Horn defended her votes this week to ban oil production in certain areas, arguing they were good for Oklahomans because they’d make oil prices high.

Below is her statement in full, because it’s so mind-blowingly inane that it doesn’t actually require any commentary.

“The companies that are doing the offshore drilling are not Oklahoma companies,” she said. “As a matter of fact, they’re international companies for the most part.

“So if we continue to flood the market with additional drilling, it actually suppresses the price. So if we find a balance and Oklahoma companies continue to do the work that they need to do, it actually gives an opportunity for prices to go back up and it’s better economically for Oklahoma companies.

“Another consideration is, environmentally, what’s the right thing to do? The bans on offshore drilling don’t do away with current leases. They just say, ‘OK, that’s enough for now.’”

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