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NRCC Weekly Rundown: Republicans win in North Carolina
Natalie Baldassarre | September 13, 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Greg Murphy and Dan Bishop on their decisive victories in North Carolina this week!

And here’s this week’s edition of the NRCC Weekly Rundown:

(National) In case you missed it, check out NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer’s op-ed detailing why the GOP’s victory in NC-09 is the latest evidence vulnerable Democrats across the country will pay for their party’s socialist agenda in 2020.

(National) Congress has been back in session for one week and House Democrats are already committing political suicide. Yesterday the House Judiciary Committee voted to launch a formal impeachment investigation against President Trump, even though impeachment remains politically toxic among swing voters. It’s clear the socialist Democrats would rather put their rabid hatred of President Trump before the issues voters actually care about, and we’ll be sure to remind folks of that.

(National) While the Democrats are all over the place on impeachment, they’re united on at least one thing: socialism. Check out this “Unity” photo-op of freshman Dems posing with fellow socialists AOC and Ilhan Omar…

(National) After firing their senior staff and losing two special elections, the DCCC finally selected EMILY’s List’s Lucinda Guinn to lead their incompetent operation. Guinn’s arrival won’t change the committee’s abysmal results, as they are now 0-3 in special elections and have been widely mocked for errant press hitssinking online fundraising and an open mutiny within their own membership. However, folks are dying to know: Will Ms. Guinn keep the DCCC’s racist and homophobic staffer on the payroll?

(AZ-01) Rep. Tom O’Halleran is facing a fierce primary this election cycle facing both City Councilor Eva Putzova and State Senator Barbara McGuire. But…is this race about to get even tougher for Tom?  It was just reported that the DCCC’s new executive director is on-the-record tweeting that she doesn’t think we should “let boys run for office anymore.” Will the DCCC still back “the boy” in the race?

(CA-10, 21) Central Valley farmers are suffering, and T.J. Cox and Josh Harder won’t do a thing about it. While the current USMCA legislation has bipartisan support, including from Rep. Jim Costa, both California socialists are too scared to stand up to Nancy Pelosi to get the bill passed. Neither have commented on the progress of the USMCA in months, and both were no-shows at the USCMA rally yesterday morning. Not surprising considering both Democrat congressmen are completely committed to their party’s socialist agenda…

(CA-21) Speaking of Corrupt T.J. Cox, his friends aren’t optimistic about his reelection. T.J.’s friend, Oliver Baines, was asked about T.J.’s reelection chances during an awkward moment on Sunday Morning Matters last weekend. After a verrrryyyyyyyyy long pause, Baines said, “Campaigns are campaigns, we’ll see what’s going to happen…we’ll see what the voters say…” Ouch!

(CA-25) Katie Hill has a new talking point, calling herself a “bridge builder” between Democratic leadership and AOC and her cronies. But, Katie represents an independent district. Shouldn’t she be trying to build a bridge between Democrats and Republicans?

(CA-48) Harley Rouda, who has famously flipflopped on impeachment a number of times, is trying to prove his anti-Trump street cred. This week Rouda compared President Trump to a “frog” and said Nancy Pelosi is “cooking” (AKA killing) the President. That’s some heated rhetoric from someone who has hopped on and off the impeachment train a couple times. And let’s keep in mind that Orange County is really against impeachment.  So…what is Rouda compensating for?  

(FL-15) Get your popcorn ready! The FL-15 Democratic primary is heating up as failed congressional candidate Alan Cohn announced he’ll be running against DCCC’s hand-picked candidate Adam Hattersley. Now both candidates will duke it out and be forced to embrace the Democrats’ socialist agenda of eliminating employer-based health care and defending rampant anti-Semitism. This will surely be entertaining in a district President Trump won by double digits!

(FL-16) After receiving the support of the socialist Democrats in Washington, Margaret Good has doubled down on socialism. Reports indicate she’s hired a Bernie Sanders political operative to run her campaign. With this latest hire, Good has fully embraced a socialist agenda of eliminating employer-based health care. Good luck pretending to be a moderate now, Margaret!

(IL-17) In a recent interview, Cheri “Beltway” Bustos said she has represented her district “to the best of her ability.” Unfortunately for Illinoisans, Beltway Bustos is too focused on blacklisting female candidates and creating a dumpster fire at her DCCC to worry about actually helping them. In fact, IL-17 voters are starting to notice how much of a hack she is, giving her heat for putting her hatred of President Trump over helping farmers. Yikes!

(MI-08, 11) Haley Stevens and Elissa Slotkin voted this week to raise gas prices on middle class Michiganders. Why? The Michigan Dems are paving the way for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to triple Michigan’s gas tax rate, which would cost families an added $270 a year. So much for those campaign promises to “support working families” and improve Michigan families’ lives!

(MI-11) Last weekend, Haley Stevens refused to say whether she supported socialized medicine. Although, on the campaign trail, Haley promised a constituent she would “of course” co-sponsor socialized medicine legislation. It’s just like when Haley promised she wouldn’t vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker… and then it was the first vote she cast in Congress. Or when she promised to stand with Israel… but now takes donations from an anti-Semite who authored BDS legislation. Is there a campaign promise Haleyhasn’t broken?

(MN-02) The pressure is ON for Angie Craig, whose Progressive Caucus just became the first faction in the House to take an official position on impeachment. Craig is now between a rock and a hard place: Either back impeachment while representing a district President Trump won, or face a potential primary challenger back home in Minnesota…

(MN-03) Dean Phillips wants voters in MN-03 to think he’s “closing the door on the era of big money in politics.” But in reality, Phillips is working to push the Democrats’ socialist agenda through Congress, including forcing the American public to pay up to $5 million for his political campaign. I guess his $77 million trust-fund wouldn’t cover it… *eye roll*

(NJ-03) Andy Kim’s impeachment nightmare isn’t going away anytime soon. Kim, who spent the past month getting berated at home for failing to back impeachment, came back to Washington to hear more of the same. The Progressive Caucus is urging there members, including Kim to back their baseless attempt to impeach President Trump. That’s not good for Andy, who represents a district President Trump won in 2016.

(NV-03) Susie Lee is really trying to straddle the fence on an impeachment inquiry. In a recent interview, Lee said an impeachment inquiry has been happening in the House for a while, and that’s it’s nothing new. This is news to the rest of us…including House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. Especially because in July the House – including Susie Lee – voted to kill a resolution to move forward with impeachment.  So, is Susie confused, or just trying to straddle the fence so she doesn’t upset her base?

(OK-05) Accidental Congresswoman Kendra Horn defended her votes this week to ban oil production in certain areas, arguing they were good for Oklahomans because they’d raise oil prices. Click HERE to read her statement in full, because it’s so mind-blowingly inane that it doesn’t actually require any commentary.

(SC-01) Fake Engineer Joe Cunningham’s wife made headlines this week after she took to social media to complain that her gold level taxpayer-funded health care doesn’t cover their marriage counseling or her therapy sessions. The Fake Engineer has been quiet on the issue, so does he also believe taxpayers should foot the bill for his marriage counseling and his wife’s therapy sessions? I guess the gold level plan isn’t good enough for the Cunninghams!  

(TX-10) What was billed as a TX-10 Democrat candidate forum turned into a three ring socialist circus this week as Shannon Hutcheson, Pritesh Gandhi and Mike Siegel shared insane idea after insane idea. If these are the candidates the DCCC is offering, their chances to compete in Texas are even more laughable than we thought…

  • Click HERE to watch Hutcheson announce her support for blanket amnesty for any illegal immigrant “who wants to be an American.”
  • Click HERE to listen to Gandhi’s bizarre idea to offer tax incentives to companies who outsource jobs to Central America as a way to combat the border crisis.
  • Click HERE to hear about Siegel’s support to ban employer-sponsored health insurance.
  • And Click HERE and HERE to see Hutcheson and Gandhi sign on to a plan to decriminalize illegal border crossings.

REMINDER: Hutcheson is supposedly running as the “establishment” candidate…

(TX-23) D.C. native Gina Jones spent time this week raising money in territory much friendlier to her socialist agenda: San Francisco. The host of the event, San Francisco attorney Rodel Rodismade clear that Jones is running to be a voice for California liberals, not Texans: “She will be our voice in Congress to address the many issues affecting our community. But we cannot expect her to do that if she does not win, and she needs our financial support,” Rodis stated. Probably not the message Jones should be rallying around as she tries to convince TX-23 voters to send a liberal carpetbagger to Washington!

(VA-02, 07) Summer is long gone but the Virginia Dems’ dumpster fire rages on! Alleged serial rapist and Lt. Governor of Virginia Justin Fairfax announced he is suing CBS for interviewing the women who accused him of rape. Oddly enough, this comes after Fairfax admitted he loved the attention he was getting from the multiple rape allegations. But since Elaine Luria and Abigail SpanbergerSTILLhaven’t returnedFairfax’s donations (even though they believe he’s a rapist) do they support their donor’s lawsuit against the free press?

(WI-03) Bad news for Ron Kind this week as he gained another primary opponent – political outsider Justin Bonner. Bonner agrees with Bernie Sanders on “almost everything,” supports the Green New Deal, wants to make college free and thinks the CIA, NSA and ICE should be abolished. It’s safe to say that Kind has officially lost his socialist base, but he’s not doing so hot with moderates either…

News & Notes

Why the GOP victory in North Carolina spells disaster for Democrats in 2020

Republicans’ special election victory Tuesday in North Carolina’s 9th District is the latest evidence that 2020 will be a very different election from 2018.

Rep.-elect Dan Bishop didn’t just overcome his Democrat opponent’s two-year head start and millions of dollars in out-of-state money. He also outperformed the GOP candidate’s 2018 efforts by 2 points — quite a different narrative from what the cable news pundits want voters to believe and great news for Republican prospects next year.

House Republicans are now 3-0 in special elections this cycle and, in all three races, the GOP nominee outperformed the 2018 result. In Pennsylvania’s 12th and North Carolina’s 3rd districts, Republicans even outperformed President Donald Trump’s 2016 numbers.

Our current GOP strategy is focused on two truths that spell disaster for Democratic prospects in 2020. First, House Democrats’ socialist agenda is wildly unpopular with voters and will be an anchor around the necks of their candidates in swing districts. Second, President Trump is the single most effective surrogate and turnout machine for the Republican Party. READ.

Poll: GOP Could Rebound in Orange County and New Mexico

The Democratic tidal wave that washed over California last fall turned Orange County blue, but there are hopeful signs for Republicans that the floodwaters are receding.

Republicans are now working to take back that territory and point to other recent surveys that show they are on the march and that first-term California Democrats are vulnerable.

National Republican Congressional Committee polling from early July shows self-funding lottery winner Gil Cisneros, who squeaked out a victory against GOP candidate Young Kim in another partly Orange County district, trailing Kim in a rematch, 46%-44% (with 9% undecided).

In California’s Central Valley, there’s another Democrat who’s in far worse shape in another rematch.

The most recent NRCC survey, also from early July, has Democratic Rep. TJ Cox of Fresno polling at 36% with 52% going for “a potential Republican challenger,” and 11% undecided. Former Rep. David Valadao, whom Cox defeated in 2018, has since filed to run against his former opponent again. Valadao was declared the winner but his lead then dwindled, and Cox pulled ahead as all of the ballots were counted weeks after Election Day. READ.

NRCC labels Margaret Good campaign hire ‘socialist’

National Republicans offered their own brand of congratulations to Democrat Margaret Good’s campaign manager.

They called him and his boss socialists.

“After receiving the support of the socialist-Democrats in Washington, Margaret Good has doubled down on socialism,” said Camille Gallo, National Republican Congressional Committee spokesperson, in a mass email.

“Reports indicate she’s hired a Bernie Sanders political operative to run her campaign.”

That came after Good announced the hire of Kevin Lata, first reported by Florida Politics, as campaign manager. Lata also works as an Iowa field director for Vermont Sen. Sanders’ Presidential campaign. He similarly worked on Sanders’ 2016 campaign as well. READ.

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