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Champagne Supernova
Camille Gallo | October 7, 2019

 Nancy Pelosi lavished Lyin’ Lucy McBath with praise, vowing to protect Lucy and even calling her a “supernova.”

 And it’s easy to see why Pelosi is so eager to get Lucy re-elected.

 Lucy always puts Nancy before GA-06, voting with Pelosi’s socialist agenda over 96% of the time, and supports the deranged quest to impeach President Trump.

 With a radical record like that it won’t be long before Lucy implodes…just like a supernova.

 NRCC Comment: “Like a true Washington politician, Lucy McBath has put her party before Georgians and her party boss, Nancy Pelosi, will do anything to keep her loyal soldier in office.” –NRCC Spokesperson Camille Gallo

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