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Tedra Cobb gets a primary opponent
Michael McAdams | October 24, 2019

Tedra Cobb’s fledgling campaign is already in free fall.

Fresh off a secret fundraising trip to Washington, DC, the suddenly camera-shy Cobb is getting primaried by embattled Clinton County Legislator Simon Conroy.

It’s a troubling sign for Cobb that despite Conroy’s recent legal troubles, he still thinks he’d be a better candidate than her telling the Press-Republican: “I am not taking it easy. I am not re-thinking it. I’m running for Congress. Tedra (Cobb) (Democratic candidate in 2018) had her chance.”

Tedra Cobb failed in 2018 and she’ll fail again in 2020. Upstate voters have no time for Cobb’s socialist agenda.

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