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RATINGS CHANGE: MI-03 now “Lean Republican”
Carly Atchison | December 20, 2019

Happy Friday!

Justin Amash’s obsession with undoing the 2016 election has moved MI-03 from “Toss Up” to “Lean Republican.”

All that pontificating for nothing!

In case you missed it…

MI-03: Amash’s District Moves from Toss Up to Lean Republican
Cook Political Report
David Wasserman
December 20, 2019

Independent Rep. Justin Amash (MI-03), who defected from the GOP in July and voted for both articles of impeachment, still hasn’t announced his 2020 plans. Michigan’s filing deadline for third parties isn’t until July and the former Tea Party poster child could either pursue an uphill reelection bid in a genuine three way race, seek the Libertarian nod for president or not run for anything at all.

The situation in Grand Rapids is unique, but Amash’s impeachment stance (and the fact Democratic freshmen are even lobbying for him to serve as a manager in a Senate trial) complicates Democrats’ math. Any path in 2020 probably involved Amash siphoning votes from the GOP nominee, reducing the threshold for victory. Now, Amash’s anti-Trump posture seems more likely to split votes on the left.

Read full analysis on Cook Political Report here.

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