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Fletcher dodges tough questions
Bob Salera | January 27, 2020

This weekend, Lizzie Fletcher attempted to give the illusion of being responsive to constituents by holding a town hall, but when constituents showed up they were shocked to discover a tightly choreographed event where Fletcher’s staff picked which questions the Congresswoman would answer.

On Saturday, freshman Representative Lizzie Fletcher (D-TX-07) hosted a town hall event in Jersey Village where she highlighted accomplishments and answered select audience questions. 

Unlike previous town hall events, Fletcher did not take questions from the floor.

Upon arrival, attendees were asked to write out questions on cards along with contact information.  Staffers then selected questions to be answered publicly at the town hall, but advised that due to time constraints, the Congresswoman would respond to others directly at a later time.


Most of the audience applauded Fletcher’s comments on impeachment, but several were dissatisfied with the town hall forum. 

At the conclusion, one man called out, “Why didn’t the invitation indicate that this was a Democrats-only meeting? I didn’t hear from any Republicans. My question wasn’t available!”


Click HERE for the full story from The Texan.

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