Abby’s out of state $$$

February 4, 2020

Abby Finkenauer spent the 4th Quarter raising big money from out-of-state liberals, with more than 90% of her fundraising coming from outside Iowa.

After joining her socialist colleagues’ efforts to remove President Trump from office, coastal liberals came up big for Abby, with Californians and New Yorkers combining to donate nearly four times as much as Iowans.

And Abby’s going to need every penny as she defends giving in to her obsessive hatred of President Trump instead of working to get results for Iowans.


According to her 2019 Q4 FEC report, just 10.9% ($37,356) of Abby Finkenauer’s individual contributions came from Iowa. $76,341 were from California and $73,515 were from New York.