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NRCC calls on Nebraska Democratic Party to stop its attacks on the media
Bob Salera | February 13, 2020

The Nebraska Democratic Party (NDP) and Chairwoman Jane Kleeb have apparently taken issue with a story about Comrade Kara Eastman’s history of financial mismanagement at the Nebraska Healthy Kids Alliance.

The NDP was unable to point to any factual inaccuracies (since the story is based completely on publicly available financial statements), so it instead decided to attack the messenger, disparaging the news outlet that dare report negatively on their preferred candidate.

NRCC Comment: “Chairwoman Jane Kleeb and the Nebraska Democratic Party should be ashamed of themselves for their attacks on the free press. Instead of attacking journalists for reporting the facts, perhaps they should stop interfering in primaries and make Comrade Kara Eastman do her own dirty work.” – NRCC Spokesman Bob Salera

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