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NRCC Weekly Rundown: Dems panic as socialist Sanders emerges as frontrunner
Natalie Baldassarre | February 14, 2020

Here’s this week’s edition of the NRCC Weekly Rundown:

(National) Democrats are in an all-out panic after Bernie Sanders’ victory in New Hampshire with Democrat Rep. Scott PeterspredictingSanders’ nomination could put the “House majority at risk.” One anonymous front-line Democrat even told The New York Times, ““There is a growing concern among especially those of us on the front lines that we will not only lose the White House but the House of Representatives.” Yikes! Unfortunately for House Dems it looks like the damage has already been done. Good luck defending that socialist agenda!

(National) House Democrats took to social media this week to whine about President Trump’s budget. Meanwhile, they refuse to PROPOSE a budget of their own for the second year in a row. Maybe House Dems should brush up on Article I, Section 7, Clause 1 of the Constitution, which states: “All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.” If Nancy Pelosi and her socialist cohorts are so distraught over the president’s budget, they should stop complaining and get to work on a proposal of their own.

(National) The DCCC got caught with their blinds up last night discussing ways to rig Democrat primaries across the country. Talk about democracy at its finest! Click HERE to read more.

(California) SoCal socialists Josh Harder, T.J. Cox, Gil Cisneros, Katie Porter, Harley Rouda and Mike Levin all voted last Friday in support of the PRO Act, legislation that severely harms freelancing workers in the gig economy. The bill’s language is eerily similar to California’s Assembly Bill 5, a newly implemented yet unpopular law that restricts the amount of freelance work independent contractors can perform. Why would California Democrats vote for a bill they know is extremely unpopular in their home state? Because Labor PACs shell out big money for them all!

(CA-21) In a party line vote this week, T.J. Cox chose to support Raul Grijalvathe socialist chair of the Natural Resources Committee, instead of strengthening the Central Valley’s water supply. Cox voted to give Grijalva unlimited subpoena power to baselessly harass five different agencies within the Trump Administration, including the Department of Interior, which under the Trump Administration has helped strengthen the Central Valley’s water supply. So much for Cox being that “independent voice” for the Central Valley…

(CA-48) In case you missed it, Harley Rouda was one of the first members of Congress to endorse Mike Bloomberg for president. It’s important to note that Rouda endorsed Bloomberg AFTER his dark money group spent millions of dollars in California to help him get elected. I guess Orange County voters can’t trust Rouda to act in their best interest when he’s willing to sell his vote to the highest bidder…

(GA-06) Voters aren’t happy with Lyin’ Lucy McBath, who this week endorsedMichael Bloomberg for president despite his controversial comments on policing and race. And it’s easy to see why! Lucy worked for Bloomberg’sDARK money group and he spent over $4.5M to get her elected. Even the New York Times is calling McBath out for being bought off by Bloomberg. In fact, Lucy was just hit with an ethics complaint connected to the money she received from Bloomberg’s group. Allegedly Lucy received money from the group WHILE she was still serving as their national spokesperson. Yikes!

(IA-03) Cindy Axne is taking credit for the Trump Administrationawarding her district with a $100,000 USDA grant to finance new equipment for volunteer fire fighters. It should be noted that instead of working with President Trump on issues voters actually care about, Axne voted to impeach and remove him from office. Axne knows her embrace of impeachment and her party’s socialist agenda is toxic in Iowa, which is why she’s desperately doing damage control by gaslighting voters with a ridiculous column in the Des Moines Register. With the president’s approval rating at an all-time high, Iowa voters are surely going to see right through Axne’s partisan stunts!

(NE-02) Comrade Kara Eastman is taking issue with a new report on her financial mismanagement of the Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance, saying it had “no factual substantiation.” Unfortunately for Comrade Kara, the nonprofit’s financial statements are public record. And those documents show that while Comrade Kara was running up massive deficits, her compensation soared from $25,000 when she was first hired in 2007 to $129,000 when she left in 2017. Click HERE to read the financials for yourself. (P.S. That’s not the only issue Comrade Kara has with money. Now she’s taking cash from a raging anti-Semite!)

(NM-02) Back in October, Xochitl Torres Small joined Republicans in voting to prohibit future presidents from unilaterally banning fracking. Torres Small must have gotten words from Nancy Pelosi, because this week she voted against an identical measure, joining her socialist colleagues in defeating the Republican effort. Guess it’s clear Torres Small takes her marching orders from Pelosi, not the New Mexico families employed by the oil and gas industry!

(NY-22) Pretend moderate Anthony Brindisi announced he will not support the presidential campaigns of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, suggesting both are too divisive and that it’d be “exceedingly difficult” for either to win in November. That’s quite a flip from 2016 when Brindisi was rocking Bernie socks and thanking him for bringing the country together. Why the sudden change of heart? HINT: Brindisi knows his support for his party’s radical socialist agenda is toxic in a district President Trump won by 15.5 points!

(NY-24) At a town hall last weekend, socialist Democrat Roger Misso admitted he’s “committed” to bringing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’sGreen New Deal to Central New York. So the question is, when will fellow socialists Dana Balter and Francis Conole join Misso in supporting AOC’s radical $93 trillion Green New Deal? With Dem primary voters focused on who’s more progressive, it shouldn’t be too much longer…

(NY-27) Deranged Socialist Loser Nate McMurray had quite the week trying to erase his assassination threat against a government official and going on bizarre Twitter tirades about everything from Harry Potter to pie crust. Someone should check-in with him to make sure he’s okay. It seems like he’s struggling to come to terms with who he really is!

(OK-05) Back in October, Kendra Horn joined Republicans in voting to prohibit future presidents from unilaterally banning fracking. She must have been scolded by Nancy Pelosi, because this week she voted against an identical measure, joining her socialist colleagues in defeating the Republican effort. Guess it’s clear Horn takes her marching orders from Pelosi, not the Oklahoma families employed by the oil and gas industry.

(PA-08, PA-17) MattCartwright and Conor Lamb are continuing their assault on Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry with their votes AGAINST a measure prohibiting future presidents from banning fracking. The new legislation follows a disturbing trend for Cartwright & Lamb’s party, which is waging war against the fossil fuel industry and the millions of jobs it provides. They bothendorsed Joe Biden, who has made it clear he wants to “get rid of fossil fuels.” Cartwright and Lamb just don’t care about protecting the good-paying jobs PA families rely on.

(SC-01) Now that Bernie Sanders is the Democratic frontrunner, House Democrats are in a complete panic at the thought of having to own Sanders’ socialist agenda. That includes Joe Cunningham who is TERRIFIED. Cunningham came out and slammed the frontrunner proclaiming Sanders“will not be the nominee.”Unfortunately for Joe, that’s not how it works. The Bernie Bros don’t want a DC politician telling them who gets to be the nominee!

(TX-07, TX-32) Lizzie Fletcher and Colin Allred also get their marching orders from Nancy Pelosi. This week both Fletcher and Allred held strong and joined their socialist colleagues in rejecting a measure that prohibits future presidents from banning fracking, just like they did in October. So much for all the Texas families who rely on oil and gas jobs to get by…

(UT-04) Not so bipartisan Ben McAdams joined every single one of his Democrat colleagues this week in voting AGAINST a measure that would prohibit future presidents from unilaterally banning fracking. McAdams’ vote should be particularly worrisome, especially since his job approval rating has dropped double-digits during the socialist Democrats’ deranged impeachment quest, something McAdamshopes voters will forget.

(VA-02) The Hill reported this week that fake-moderate Elaine Luria admitted she’s “behind whoever wins the nomination” and won’t rule out backing Bernie Sanders. This make sense for Luria, who despite claiming to be a moderate, votes with her party’s socialist agenda over 90% of the time and was a leader on the impeachment sham. Elaine is clearly not a moderate and will stop at nothing to back her extreme socialist party

News & Notes

Daily Caller: Impeachment Gave Republicans A Cash Boost — Here’s How They Plan To Maintaining It

Congressional Republicans raised more than Democrats in January for the first time in months, and they expect that momentum to keep up.

NRCC National Press Secretary Michael McAdams sat down with the Daily Caller’s Anders Hagstrom, saying Democrats’ impeachment attempt against President Donald Trump gave the boost to Republicans. Democrats out-raised Republicans massively in 2019, however, and Republicans still face a $40 million deficit.

McAdams says they’re counting on a continued surge in Republican enthusiasm as Democrats turn to the most radical members of their party for presidential nominees. WATCH.

Washington Times: ‘Terrified of Bernie’: Sanders’ socialism spooks swing-district Democrats

The prospect of having to defend socialism to their constituents is giving House Democrats in swing districts the heebie-jeebies.

Lawmakers who flipped Republican-held districts in the 2018 elections are growing worried as they ponder their prospects if they head into November with Sen. Bernard Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist, at the top of their ticket.

The conversations have become much more intense since Mr. Sanders won the New Hampshire primary and garnered the most votes in Iowa’s caucuses — though former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg ended up with more delegates awarded from Iowa.

Party leaders have begun to fret that a Sanders candidacy could cost them control of the House, The New York Times reported. READ.

POLITICO Morning Score: A peek behind the NRCC fundraising curtain

MONEY MOVES — The NRCC outraised the DCCC last month for the first time in two years, a feat party operatives say is a sign that they are finally getting the hang of digital fundraising after years of being savaged by Democrats and ActBlue.

The NRCC’s $12.6 million January haul is its highest non-March haul in years. (The GOP campaign arm hosts its annual fundraising dinner every March.) Transfers from members and their leadership PACs were under $1 million, according to the committee. But $6.8 million of that total came from grassroots donations, via mail, phones and online — about $2 million more than December grassroots donations to the committee. This could be the impeachment boost that House Republicans were waiting for, or it could be fleeting now that the trial has concluded.

For comparison, the DCCC raised $12.1 million in January with $5.8 million of that coming from grassroots donations. But Democrats shouldn’t be too worried yet. One month doesn’t make a trend, and they certainly have a massive cash-on-hand advantage. Plus Democratic incumbents are raising unprecedented amounts of money . But the NRCC needs to see some kind of uptick to stay in the game.

House Republicans have already seen success from their attempts to grow their digital operation by investing in Google and Facebook ads to grow their email lists and consulting with Trump’s fundraising team. Their online fundraising total in 2019 was $22.6 million, up from $5.8 million in 2017, a 390 percent increase. Meanwhile, the DCCC raised $38 million online in the off-year. READ.

East Cobb News: McBath endorses Bloomberg’s Democratic presidential campaign

U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath is endorsing former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

McBath, a first-term Democrat from Marietta who represents the 6th Congressional District of Georgia, said Wednesday that Bloomberg “has given mothers like me a way to fight back against gun violence.

McBath’s endorsement has stirred some controversy. Charles Blow, a columnist at The New York Times, accused her in a social media posting of being bought by Bloomberg.

A conservative group, Americans for Public Trust, has filed ethics complaints against McBath and other House Democrats, according to Fox News.

The complaint against McBath claims that she was a public spokeswoman for Everytown for Gun Safety as a paid employee while she was campaigning for Congress. READ.

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