McCarthy Announces 35 Candidates in First Round of Young Gun “Contenders”

February 19, 2020

WASHINGTON – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy today announced the first round of “Contender” candidates, the second tier of the 2020 Young Guns program.

“These hardworking candidates have proven their ability to run strong, competitive campaign operations,” said House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy. “We’re going to ensure these contenders are victorious in November by forcing their Democratic opponents to own their party’s radical socialist agenda.”  

The NRCC’s Young Guns program requires candidates to work towards specific goals and meet benchmarks throughout the election cycle to ensure their campaigns remain competitive, well-funded and communicative within their districts. Contender candidates have completed stringent program metrics and are on the path to developing a mature and competitive campaign operation.

You can view the Young Guns website by clicking HERE

The first round of “Contenders” is as follows:

  • (CA-08) Jay Obernolte
  • (CA-10) Ted Howze
  • (CA-21) David Valadao
  • (CA-39) Young Kim
  • (CA-45) Don Sedgwick
  • (CA-48) Michelle Steel
  • (CA-49) Brian Maryott
  • (CA-50) Carl DeMaio
  • (CA-50) Darrell Issa
  • (CO-06) Steve House
  • (FL-13) Amanda Makki
  • (FL-19) Dane Eagle
  • (FL-27) Maria Elvira Salazar
  • (GA-06) Karen Handel
  • (IA-01) Ashley Hinson
  • (IA-03) David Young
  • (IL-14) Ted Gradel
  • (IL-14) Jim Oberweis
  • (KS-03) Amanda Adkins
  • (MI-03) Peter Meijer
  • (MT-AL) Matt Rosendale
  • (NJ-07) Tom Kean
  • (NM-02) Claire Chase
  • (NM-02) Yvette Herrell
  • (NV-03) Dan Rodimer
  • (NY-11) Nicole Malliotakis
  • (NY-22) Claudia Tenney
  • (OK-05) Stephanie Bice
  • (PA-07) Lisa Scheller
  • (PA-17) Sean Parnell
  • (SC-01) Nancy Mace
  • (TX-07) Wesley Hunt
  • (TX-23) Tony Gonzales
  • (TX-32) Genevieve Collins
  • (WI-05) Scott Fitzgerald