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NYT: Max Rose is more liberal than Obama
Carly Atchison | March 5, 2020

Max Rose pretends to be a moderate, but his radical positions on sanctuary cities, health care and unrestricted late-term abortion prove he’s more liberal than Barack Obama.

And the New York Times agrees:

“Socially liberal but fiscally conservative is now far too pat a description for contemporary moderate Democrats, many of whom would be to the left of the last Democratic president, Barack Obama. Max Rose of Staten Island… supports a public option on the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges, which was considered a far left position not so long ago. He and the rest of the freshman Democrats support abortion rights, which was not true for many moderates before this class.”

NRCC Comment: “Max Rose’s support for Democrats’ extreme socialist agenda makes him more liberal than President Obama and totally out of touch with his constituents.” -NRCC Spokeswoman Carly Atchison

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