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FRESNO BEE: TJ Cox hit with ANOTHER tax lien
Torunn Sinclair | March 18, 2020

TJ Cox was just hit with ANOTHER tax lien, meaning he owes American taxpayers EVEN MORE money.

The Fresno Bee just reported the state of California levied a $30,000 tax lien against Congressman TJ Cox for not paying state taxes during the tax year 2017. 

This is on top of the $145,000 Cox owes in unpaid income tax to the IRS. Not to mention the $1.6 million previously levied against Cox. 

REMINDER: Cox voted against a bill last week that would have required members of Congress to garnish their wages if they owe tax liens. During the 2018 campaign, Cox loaned his campaign about $240,000 instead of paying his taxes. 

TJ Cox is so corrupt! 

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