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Comrade Kara is a little out there
Bob Salera | April 1, 2020

Comrade Kara Eastman is out with her first ad of the cycle, and it’s clear the lesson she took from her 2018 loss is to stop talking about her own crazy ideas.

Comrade Kara’s desire to  repeal the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would amount to a nearly $2,000 tax hike on the average NE-02 family. And Comrade Kara’s Medicare for All plan would eliminate health insurance for nearly 500,000 in the district with private insurance through their employer or union.

While Rep. Don Bacon works to deliver the help Nebraskans need during this crisis, Comrade Kara’s platform of tax hikes and taking away health care is quite a contrast.

Comrade Kara knows her ideas “are a little out there” so it makes sense she doesn’t want to talk about them anymore.

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