Casten supports wet markets

April 14, 2020

Sean Casten now supports wet markets, which are breeding grounds for deadly viruses like SARS and COVID-19. (See here, here, here and here.)

In a recent telephone town hall, Casten said: “We need to be careful about laying the blame on a particular cultural practice in a country that we don’t live in.”

This on top of his continuing to spew Chinese Communist propaganda.

NRCC Comment: “Sean Casten’s bizarre commentary around coronavirus is raising serious questions about the Chinese Communist Party’s hold over him. Either Casten has been duped into unwittingly spewing their propaganda or he is a Chinese asset*.” -NRCC Spokeswoman Carly Atchison

*Editor’s Note: Once Casten inevitably feigns outrage about being called a Chinese asset, please ask him where his outrage was when Democrats repeatedly accused senior Republicans of being assets of the Russian Federation. Perhaps he left that outrage in Beijing.