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Vol. 7: Lying Londrigan lies again
Carly Atchison | May 11, 2020

After 45 days of silence Betsy Dirksen Londrigan finally came out in support of accused sexual predator Joe Biden.

And in true Lying Londrigan fashion, she managed to lie in her defense.

Londrigan said, “I am glad the vice president is leading with transparency and asking for the personnel files to be released himself.”
But as Londrigan knows, Joe Biden has called on the National Archives, which does not hold those types of records, to release them.
Meanwhile Biden refuses to call for the release of his Senate records at the University of Delaware.
NRCC Comment: “As Betsy Dirksen Londrigan herself has said, ‘the culture of sexual violence won’t change until we stand by women and trust in their truth’. This is why Londrigan must stop lying and call on Joe Biden to release the personnel records from his time in the US Senate that are currently under lock and key at the University of Delaware.” -NRCC Spokeswoman Carly Atchison

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Vol. 7: Lying Londrigan lies again

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