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Deadbeat Dems: Round 1
Carly Atchison | May 26, 2020

Sean Casten recently voted along partisan lines to allow Members of Congress to collect their taxpayer-funded paychecks by sitting at home and phoning in their vote to the US Capitol instead.

Quite a few of Nancy Pelosi’s minions are already taking advantage of their proxy voting scheme on its first day while the clerk at the local grocery store, sanitation workers collecting their trash, and all of the medical personnel working on the front lines don’t have the luxury to opt out of showing up for work.

As for Casten… Will he vow to do his job and represent IL-06 in Congress? Or will he keep getting into Twitter arguments with the NRCC from the comfort of his couch?

NRCC Comment: “If Sean Casten didn’t want Congress to do its job leading our country in times of crisis, he shouldn’t have run for office in the first place.” -NRCC Spokeswoman Carly Atchison

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