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Elizabeth Warren weighs in on AB5 ballot initiative
Torunn Sinclair | May 29, 2020

Elizabeth Warren yesterday weighed in on California’s new Assembly Bill 5 ballot initiative echoing Joe Biden urging Californians to “vote no” and uphold the law as it currently stands.

Assembly Bill 5 is a new California law which could devastate the gig economy in California, lower wages for working people, and threatens thousands of jobs (just ask Vox!). 

While national politicians continue to weigh in, there’s still no comment from TJ Cox, Christy Smith, Gil Cisneros, Katie Porter, Harley Rouda or Mike Levin on the ballot initiative. 

You’d think they’d have a comment on a ballot initiative that’s trying to undo legislation they voted for! 

Christy Smith voted for Assembly Bill 5 twice in the California legislature. TJ CoxGil CisnerosKatie PorterHarley Rouda and Mike Levin all voted for the federal version of the bill which basically ripped off the California legislation.

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