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Debbie votes in support of chaos
Carly Atchison | June 22, 2020

Last week Debbie Mucarsel-Powell voted with the socialists in Washington in support of chaos instead of law and order.

This includes voting against studying ANTIFA, which would look into the tactics of the group and why they disrupt peaceful protestors to lootset firesdestroy churches, and attack police officers.

And she voted against prohibiting autonomous zones, like CHAZ in Seattle, where armed Antifa members patrol the streets, warlords extort businesses, and police precincts are taken over by lunatics. 

Reminder, Debbie already tweeted in support of Antifa.

NRCC Comment: “Debbie Mucarsel-Powell will always follow the socialists in the Washington, even if that means supporting looters and arsonists.” –NRCC Spokeswoman Camille Gallo

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