July 19, 2020

The Democrats are in for a tough battle to defend their seats in Virginia. Freshman Democratic incumbents have done themselves no favors by rubberstamping the Democrats’ radical agenda. These members are not the moderates they claimed to be on the campaign trail and now have extreme records to defend.  In VA-05, Democrats have nominated an unknown liberal who does not fit the district and will lose this rural conservative seat.

VA-02: Scott Taylor (R) vs. Elaine Luria (D)

This race will be a rematch between Scott Taylor and Elaine Luria. Now that Elaine Luria has a voting record in D.C., she will no longer be able to hide from Virginians and pretend to be a moderate. She has voted with Nancy Pelosi’s socialist agenda over 96% of the time and even decided to impeach President Trump before the public hearings began. Virginians know the real Elaine now and will vote her out in November.

Scott Taylor has a remarkable bio and is a veteran with a record of serving this district by increasing accountability at the VA and protecting its military bases. Virginians know Scott Taylor will always serve them, unlike Elaine Luria who serves the socialists in Washington.

PVI: R+8

2016 Presidential Results: Trump 48.3% – Clinton 46.8%

Ratings: Cook Political Report – Toss up; Inside Elections – Lean Dem

Geography: The district includes all of Accomack, Northampton and York counties, the cities of Virginia Beach and Williamsburg and parts of the cities of Norfolk and Hampton. It is entirely within the Norfolk DMA.

VA-05: Bob Good (R) vs. Cameron Webb (D) 

Democrats have absolutely zero chance of winning this red district this fall. This is a rural conservative district that Corey Stewart won during last cycle’s Senate race, despite losing statewide by 16 points. Republicans will be further boosted by President Trump, who won VA-05 by double digits in 2016, at the top of the ticket. Bob Good is a well-known leader in his community who has fought for conservative values, less government spending, and lower taxes which makes him an excellent fit for this district.

Democrats are stuck with Dr. Cameron Webb, a former Obama administration crony who is not well known in the district. He will be tied to Democrats’ socialist agenda which will make him completely unelectable in this conservative district. 

PVI: R+6

2016 Presidential Results: Trump 53.4% – Clinton 42.3%

Ratings: Cook Political Report –Lean R; Inside Elections – Safe R

Geography: The district is Virginia’s largest district and contains counties located in the Piedmont and Blue Ridge Region stretching across the state from the Virginia-North Carolina Border going 250 miles up to Fauquier County in Northern Virginia. The DMA is split 48.8% Roanoke, 27.6% Charlottesville and 11.4% Richmond. 

VA-07: Nick Freitas (R) vs. Abigail Spanberger (D)

Abigail Spanberger ran as a moderate in 2018 but now that she has voting record in Washington, Virginians can see this was all an act. She votes with Nancy Pelosi’s socialist agenda over 92% of the time and was one of the first “centrist” Democrats to support her party’s scheme to impeach President Trump.  Spanberger also benefited from running against an unpopular incumbent and will not have that advantage this year.

Nick Freitas is extremely well-known in this district and was able to win as a write-in candidate for his Delegate reelection campaign.  He is a veteran and has a history of conservative leadership in the state which will make him a formidable candidate in this GOP district. He will be further aided by President Trump who handily won this district.

PVI: R +6

2016 Presidential Results: Trump 50.5% – Clinton 44%

Ratings: Cook Political Report—Toss-up Inside Elections—Tilt D

Geography: The district spans across much of Central Virginia including all of Orange, Culpeper, Goochland, Louisa, Nottoway, Amelia, and Powhatan counties. The district also includes large portions of Chesterfield and Henrico counties in the suburbs of Richmond. The DMA is split 82.1% Richmond and 18% Washington D.C.

VA-10: Aliscia Andrews (R) vs. Jennifer Wexton (D)

Instead of showing any real leadership for Virginians, Jennifer Wexton has voted with Nancy Pelosi’s socialist agenda 100% of the time.  She even joined the socialist Democrats and voted against paying federal workers for unpaid work.  Virginians know that when push comes to shove Jennifer Wexton will always side with her extreme political party and stand ready to vote her out of office in November.

Aliscia Andrews is a Marine who has sacrificed so much to serve this country and will bring that dedication to Washington. Andrews’ compelling biography and record of service makes her a very formidable candidate in a general election.  Andrews will do what’s right for the country even if that makes her unpopular with her political party, unlike Jennifer Wexton, who always supports her radical party’s out-of-touch agenda.

PVI: D+1

2016 Presidential Results: Trump 42.2% – Clinton 52.2%

Ratings: Cook Political Report – Likely D; Inside Elections – Safe D

Geography: The district includes Clarke, Frederick, and Loudoun counties as well as Manassas Park city, Manassas city, and Winchester city. Portions of Fairfax and Prince William counties are also included. It is entirely within the Washington DC DMA.