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Day 5: Will Lying Londrigan give back Madigan money?
Carly Atchison | July 30, 2020

It’s now been FIVE days since Betsy Dirksen Londrigan was called out for being a corporate money hypocrite, and still not a peep.
Illinois voters deserve to know, so we’ll keep asking: Will Londrigan return the dirty corporate lobbyist money from Mike Madigan’s cronies, who are under federal investigation?
In case you missed it…
“Dirksen Londrigan’s campaign… has not answered for the remaining $8,800 in campaign contributions from former ComEd lobbyists linked to the corruption probe.”

“Dirksen Londrigan’s campaign spokesman… did not answer questions asking whether or not she planned to wash her hands of the contributions from former ComEd lobbyists linked to the ongoing corruption investigation.”

“Londrigan’s campaign declined to comment on how she would handle any real or perceived conflicts of interest that could arise in Congress if she is ever in a position to vote on matters that pertain to her husband’s lobbying portfolio.”
(Full article here: Despite corporate PAC pledge, Dirksen Londrigan takes campaign cash from corporate lobbyists)

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