McCarthy Updates Candidates to 2020 Young Guns Program

August 5, 2020

WASHINGTON – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy today announced the latest round 2020 Young Guns, including the elevation of 16 candidates to the highest tier of the program.

“These candidates on this list will ensure that hardworking Americans are heard and protected from the Democrats socialist agenda,” said House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy. “We are less than 100 days out and this impressive group is poised to turn the House red.” 

The NRCC’s Young Guns program requires candidates to work towards specific goals and meet benchmarks throughout the election cycle to ensure their campaigns remain competitive, well-funded and communicative within their districts. Candidates progress through three levels of the program: On the Radar, Contender and Young Gun. 

You can view the Young Guns website by clicking HERE.

The new additions to the 2020 Young Guns program are as follows: 

Young Guns 

(CO-03) Lauren Boebert  

(IA-02) Mariannette Miller-Meeks  

(IN-05) Victoria Spartz   

(ME-02) Dale Crafts  

(MN-02) Tyler Kistner   

(NM-02) Yvette Herrell  

(NV-03) Dan Rodimer   

(NY-02) Andrew Garbarino   

(OR-04) Alek Skarlatos  

(PA-07) Lisa Scheller  

(PA-08) Jim Bognet   

(SC-01) Nancy Mace  

(TX-22) Troy Nehls  

(UT-04) Burgess Owens  

(VA-07) Nick Freitas  

Additionally, the following candidates have been promoted to the 2nd stage of the program: 


(AL-01) Jerry Carl 

(FL-13) Anna Paulina Luna 

(FL-19) Byron Donalds 

(GA-07) Rich McCormick 

(IA-04) Randy Feenstra 

(IL-15) Mary Miller 

(MI-10) Lisa McClain 

(MN-03) Kendall Qualls 

(NC-11) Madison Cawthorn 

(NV-04) Jim Marchant 

(NH-01) Matt Mowers 

(NJ-03) David Richter 

(OK-05) Terry Neese 

(OR-02) Cliff Bentz 

(TX-11) August Pfluger 

(TX-13) Ronny Jackson 

(TX-17) Pete Sessions 

(UT-01) Blake Moore 

(WI-03) Derrick Van Orden  

And the following candidates have been added to the 1st stage of the program:

On the Radar  

(AL-02) Barry Moore 

(VA-10) Aliscia Andrews