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Amy Kennedy rates extreme liberal Kamala Harris 10/10
Michael McAdams | September 10, 2020

Amy Kennedy enthusiastically rated Kamala Harris a 10/10 in a recent interview where she proclaimed she’s “looking forward to being on the ticket with Biden and Harris.”

Here’s a look at the extreme liberal record Kamala Harris represents and Amy Kennedy is so excited about:

  • In 2019, Harris was ranked the most liberal of all her Senate colleagues.
  • Harris called AOC’s proposed 70% tax rate “fantastic.”
  • Harris co-sponsored Ocasio-Cortez’s  $93 trillion Green New Deal which would destroy South Jersey jobs and raise taxes by thousands.
  • Harris supports a government takeover of health care that would outlaw private insurance and kick  nearly 180 million Americans off their insurance plans.
  • Harris pushed for a repeal of the criminal statute that makes illegal border crossings a criminal offense. 
  • Both Harris and Amy Kennedy solicitated donations to bail out violent criminals from jail.

NRCC Comment: “Just like Kamala Harris, Amy Kennedy has embraced a socialist agenda that puts criminals first, increases taxes, destroys jobs and is completely out of step with South Jersey voters.” – NRCC Spokesman Michael McAdams

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