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Jared Golden lies through his teeth
Michael McAdams | September 11, 2020

Jared Golden thinks Maine voters are stupid. That’s the only explanation for his blatant lie that he opposes “Medicare For All.”

Here are the facts on Golden’s support for Medicare for All that will ban private health insurance.

Golden calls himself a strong supporter of Medicare For All: “I Think I’ve Come Out Quite Strongly In Support Of Medicare For All.” (“Primary Election Profile: Jared Golden,” Maine Public Radio, 6/5/18)

On his campaign website, Jared Golden states that “we need to move towards a universal healthcare system, like Medicare-For-All. (Jared Golden: Democrat for Congress, “Issues: Health and Healthcare,” Jared Golden for Congress, Accessed 8/31/18)

In a candidate questionnaire, Golden stated that he stands “for Medicare for all.” (Maine Public Staff, “Where The Democrats in Maine’s 2nd District Race Stand on the Issues: Jared Golden,” Maine Public, 5/25/18)

In a speech at the 2018 Maine Democratic Convention, Golden claimed that when he got to Congress, he wouldn’t “steal” health care and would “support Medicare-for-All.” “When I get to Congress, I won’t try to steal your health care. I’ll support Medicare-for- All.”(MaineDems, “2018 Convention Speech: Jared Golden for U.S. Congress,” Clip begins at 5:19, Uploaded 5/24/18)

Rep.  Golden is a cosponsor of the 2019 Medicare for All bill which would create a “single, government-run health plan … where there are no private insurance companies,” force seniors off Medicare and Medicaid, and cost between $32 and $33 trillion. (H.R. 1384, Introduced 2/27/19)

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