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Pedo sex poet voted to force victims to study with their abusers
Carly Atchison | September 14, 2020

Pedo sex poet and Michigan Rep. Jon Hoadley voted to force sexual assault victims to go to school with their abusers.
In 2018, the pedo sex poet voted against HB 5531, which would expel students who sexually assault another student.
Now law, the bill was initially introduced after a brave, 14-year old victim spoke out after her abuser was allowed to keep coming to school.
She even testified in front of the House, and told the Detroit Free Press: “It made me feel like coming forward wasn’t even worth all the pain. But what really crushed me is that he could possibly come back to the same school I go to.”
Hoadley, who poses as a champion for sexual assault victims and claims to “stand with survivors,” was unmoved and voted against the bill anyway.
Meanwhile calls for Hoadley’s removal from the House committee are growing.
NRCC Comment: “Shame on pedo sex poet Jon Hoadley for using sexual assault victims to score political points when his voting record proves he’s no ally to survivors.” -NRCC Spokeswoman Carly Atchison

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