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O’Halleran still blames lack of COVID relief on GOP
Torunn Sinclair | September 15, 2020

Another day goes by and there’s still no COVID relief deal. 

Even Tom O’Halleran’s fellow Democrats thought the Nancy Pelosi-relief plan O’Halleran voted forwas a “liberal wish list.”

As other Democrats start to back away from Pelosi’s plan, O’Halleran was quoted supporting it again today, saying he was “outraged” by Senate Republicans lack of movement.

While O’Halleran claims to be “outraged” by the lack of a deal, he’s done nothing but sit on his hands for the last four months waiting for Nancy Pelosi to tell him how to vote.

NRCC Comment: “Democrat Tom O’Halleran’s refusal to work with Republicans to get a COVID deal done is a slap in the face to Arizona families working to recover economically from this pandemic.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Torunn Sinclair

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