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DEBATE FACT CHECK: Angie Craig’s lies
NRCC | October 8, 2020

If you just tuned into the debate for Minnesota’s Second Congressional race, you heard a LOT of lies from Angie Craig… Let’s go through the worst.

Angie claims she is bipartisan.

REALITY: Angie votes with Speaker Pelosi 97% of the time which, by her own standards, disqualifies her from representing CD2.

Angie claims she stands with small businesses.

REALITY: Angie did nothing while Speaker Pelosi stalled PPP loans for small businesses so she could push for socialist wish list items, like $35 million for a DC opera house.

Angie claims she wants to expand access to health care and lower costs.

REALITY: Angie supports a “public option” which would destroy 49 rural hospitals in CD2 alone. And after 2 years in office, Angie has done nothing to lower the cost of health care and defended herself by saying “I can’t wave a magic wand on this.”

Angie says she wants to get rid of dark money in politics.

REALITY: Angie only wants to get rid of dark money when it’s not helping her campaign. See HERE.

Angie says she is pro-trade and wants to work with President Trump.

REALITY: Angie and her socialist colleagues blocked the USMCA from moving forward so they could focus on kicking Trump out of office.

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