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NRCC Chairman Emmer condemns House Democrats’ efforts to further divide the country
Maggie Abboud | January 11, 2021

WASHINGTON – NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer released the following statement condemning House Democrats’ latest attempts to remove President Trump from office and further divide this country: 

“The violence we saw unfold in our nation’s capital last week has no place in our democracy. It was a disgusting and dangerous spectacle that ultimately cost people their lives. Congress as a whole bears responsibility for fomenting the type of vitriol that has been dividing our nation over the course of many years and it has to stop. Disagreement and debate over policies is healthy for our democracy, hatred and disdain for one another is not.

“We must come together to heal our nation, but House Democrats’ latest attempts to remove the president from office will further divide us. It is a politically-motivated effort by Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats that will fracture our nation even more instead of bringing us together.”

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