Polling shows Biden’s anti-energy agenda is bad news for Democrats

January 27, 2021

The NRCC released a polling memo today ahead of President Biden making his fracking ban on public lands official.

The memo rounds up how energy issues played in competitive districts during the 2020 cycle (HINT: It was very bad for Democrats).

Read more in Roll Call about how Republicans are already using Joe Biden’s anti-energy, job-killing agenda to hold Democrats accountable.

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GOP plans to use Biden action on climate against House Democrats from energy states

Stephanie Akin

Roll Call

January 27, 2021


Republicans seeking to win back the House in 2022 see an opportunity in a series of executive actions President Biden is launching Wednesday to signal his administration’s commitment to tackling climate change. 

“You don’t need a crystal ball to see that Joe Biden’s anti-energy, job-killing agenda is a big problem for vulnerable Democrats — it cost House Democrats seats last cycle and it will cost them even more this cycle,” National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman Torunn Sinclair said in a statement.

The committee circulated a memo Wednesday, obtained first by CQ Roll Call, that referenced polling from the 2020 cycle in unspecified “battleground” districts where voters indicated they would be less likely to support Democrats after hearing that they, “supported the Green New Deal,” “ had repeatedly voted against the oil and gas industry,” or “voted to allow future presidents to ban fracking.”

Read more in Roll Call, here.