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Spanberger supports Biden’s broken promise to reopen schools
Camille Gallo | February 10, 2021

CNN’s Jake Tapper called out Joe Biden for backtracking on his pledge to get kids back in schools during his first 100 days. Biden’s goal is now to have about half of America’s children back in classrooms for as little as one day per week.

And to quote NBC’s Kristen Welker, “for working parents, one day a week doesn’t help a whole lot.”

Why hasn’t Abigail Spanberger spoken out against Biden’s broken promise?

Because Abigail, the #1 recipient of teachers unions’ money, doesn’t want to upset her big donors even if that means not following the science.

Experts are comparing these school closures to WWII and say we may be ruining the next generation’s future, but Spanberger doesn’t seem to care as long as the special interest money keeps lining her campaign coffers.   

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