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The real-life ramifications of New Hampshire Dems’ refusal to reopen schools
Samantha Bullock | February 22, 2021

Students are falling behind in school. Working parents are struggling – even leaving the workforce – due to kids stuck at home. The next generation’s future may suffer long-term consequences.

But Joe Biden and New Hampshire Democrats like Chris Pappas are too busy kowtowing to the teachers unions that fund their careers to recognize that their refusal to reopen schools is having real-life consequences for New Hampshire families:

  • “My daughter is 11 and in sixth grade. She is currently hybrid which is 2 days a week in school the rest of the week is remote. She is struggling academically but my biggest concern is her mental and emotional well being. It is heartbreaking to watch your child become depressed because she is isolated from her friends and teachers. She keeps saying she just wants to be with her friends to talk, laugh and just hang out… They need to be back in school.” —LISA | NEW HAMPSHIRE

New Hampshire families deserve better. It’s time for Pappas to stop denying the science and safely reopen schools.

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