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The real-life ramifications of New York Dems’ refusal to reopen schools
Samantha Bullock | February 22, 2021

Students are falling behind in school. Working parents are struggling – even leaving the workforce – due to kids stuck at home. The next generation’s future may suffer long-term consequences.

But Joe Biden and New York Democrats like Tom Suozzi, Sean Patrick Maloney, and Antonio Delgado are too busy kowtowing to the teachers unions that fund their careers to recognize that their refusal to reopen schools is having real-life consequences for New York families:

  • “I am horrified, sad and desperate for some measure of consistency and routine for my kids. My older son has had so very little peer interaction since March 2020. My children are dispirited and unmotivated, and I am beyond disappointed with the Department of Education, our elected officials and the rest of the characters acting out this tragedy.” —JULIANNE | NEW YORK
  • “Working parents with a kindergartner who is supposed to be learning to read and write. This can’t happen for him in hybrid and we need schools open. Other schools are open. It needs to be the same rules for the all schools. Either 100% remote or 100% in person with safety measures in place. The CDC and Fauci have said schools are the safest place for our children.” —CIARA | NEW YORK
  • “I have three children, my kindergartner is in school four days, my 3rd and 5th graders are only in school two days. All three are completely miserable and burned out on ‘school from home.’ My kindergartner refuses to participate in zoom calls on her day at home, and my older kids complain EVERY DAY how they hate school from home. My 3rd grader is missing assignments and I don’t even know about it until he’s really far behind. Our teachers are doing their absolute best but we need to have these kids in school five days. We are approaching a year of this nonsense, it is time to stop. Our district did testing and it was clear that these kids are not getting sick or spreading COVID. Meanwhile, my state has strip clubs open and is discussing plans to reopen amusement parks and overnight camps. Where are our priorities?!” —ALICIA | NEW YORK
  • “We are on two days in person and three days home. My son who is 6 years old cried every morning before school. His days at home learning are horrible as he doesn’t not want to do school work. Zoom class on Wednesday with a bunch of 5 year olds is ridiculous. You cannot even hear the teacher speak. SEND THEM BACK FULL TIME. FIVE DAYS A WEEK.” —KAYLA | NEW YORK

New York families deserve better. It’s time for Suozzi, Maloney, and Delgado to stop denying the science and safely reopen schools.

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