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The real-life ramifications of Pennsylvania Dems’ refusal to reopen schools
Samantha Bullock | February 22, 2021

Students are falling behind in school. Working parents are struggling – even leaving the workforce – due to kids stuck at home. The next generation’s future may suffer long-term consequences.

But Joe Biden and Pennsylvania Democrats like Susan Wild, Matt Cartwright, and Conor Lamb are too busy kowtowing to the teachers unions that fund their careers to recognize that their refusal to reopen schools is having real-life consequences for Pennsylvania families:

  • “As a parent of two elementary aged kids I strongly believe they have been away for too long. They are starting to be ok with just being stagnant and non productive. Teachers are amazing, they are helping as best they can with what resources are available to them. However, their hands are tied. My children, as well as so many more are losing out on vital in school and classroom time… I would like the children to return to full time in school as soon as possible.” —ELIZABETH | PENNSYLVANIA

Pennsylvania families deserve better. It’s time for Wild, Cartwright, and Lamb to stop denying the science and safely reopen schools.

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