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VA Parent: Pulled daughter out of school for depression
Camille Gallo | February 22, 2021

Virginia parents continue to speak out about the disastrous impact of keeping schools closed.

Here’s what Virginia parents are saying:

“[Daughter] grows more depressed and anxious every day and her grades get worse each quarter.”

“I have pulled one daughter out of school for treatment of depression after months of virtual…she’s still not ok and now is diagnosed with Anorexia.”

“They’ve been getting more and more angry and aggressive due to being stuck home with no social or academic improvement.”

What are Abigail Spanberger and Elaine Luria doing about it? Nothing because they both received over $20k from teachers’ unions that want to keep schools closed despite the science saying it’s safe to reopen.

Virginia children are in desperate need of in-school learning, but Elaine and Abigail just want to keep filling their campaign coffers with special interest money.

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