Pelosi puts Democrats’ socialist agenda before people’s needs

March 2, 2021

Now that House Democrats rammed through a $1.9 trillion boondoggle despite bipartisan opposition, Politico is reporting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to “turn her chamber the next two weeks into a factory for Democratic priorities.”  

According to Politico, Pelosi’s agenda includes

  1. HR 1 – A corrupt piece of legislation that will allow candidates running for Congress to give themselves over seven million dollars of public funds to pay for their political campaigns. 
  2. $15 minimum wage – A policy the CBO says will kill 1.4 million American jobs.  
  3. Multiple gun control measures.
  4. The PRO Act – A giveaway to Democrat labor union donors that threatens America’s 733,000 franchise businesses and the 7.6 million workers they employ. 
  5. A series of immigration bills that are so radical even Democrats are sounding the alarm.  

NRCC Comment: “Nancy Pelosi has driven House Democrats further off the deep end during the Biden Administration and continues to prioritize their socialist agenda over helping people in need.” – NRCC Spokesman Mike Berg