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ICYMI: Socialist Dems give GOP a lot to run on in 2022
Camille Gallo | March 3, 2021

NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer appeared on Newsmax last night to discuss how the socialist Democrats’ far-left agenda will cost them the majority in 2022.

Emmer said, “This new Socialist left has taken over the Democrat Party my grandfather loved…And they are all about bigger and bigger government, and more and more regulations.”

And on the Democrats’ corrupt HR 1 bill which would give Democrats control of redistricting Emmer stated, “When your agenda does not fit with mainstream America, when your defund the police and socialized medicine agenda has been flatly rejected by the American voters, the only way you can possibly skew this in your favor is by changing the election laws and federalizing so you can control them from Washington.”

Watch Emmer’s full comments HERE.

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