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House Dems trash COVID bill…
Mike Berg | March 9, 2021

Nancy Pelosi and her socialist colleagues are poised to ram through a corrupt, wasteful COVID bill even though it threatens to trigger billions in cuts to Medicare, doesn’t re-open schools and raises taxes on low-income earners by $1 billion.  

Don’t believe us?

Here’s what House Democrats are saying about their corrupt $1.9 trillion socialist wish list:

Jared Golden: “In reviewing the bill in its full scope, less than 20 percent of the total spending addresses core COVID challenges that are immediately pressing: funding for vaccine distribution and testing, and emergency federal unemployment programs… Unfortunately, the path congressional leaders have chosen goes far beyond these key provisions, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. After supporting $4 trillion in emergency COVID relief in 2020, I won’t support trillions more in funding that is poorly targeted or in many cases not necessary at this moment in time.”  

Tom Suozzi: “There’s some waste. There’s some waste in there. There’s no question there’s some waste in there.”  

Kurt Schrader: “Why are we not allowed to represent our districts? There’s a ton of stuff in here that has nothing to do with COVID, nothing to deal with the emergency at hand. Some of it’s very good, you know, good stuff, but not at all related to COVID. You know, that’s, that’s being I think, disingenuous to the American people or the Oregonians.”

Adriano Espaillat: Called the bill “embarrassing” and said he’s “not comfortable” with the wasteful spending on Democrats’ pet projects.  

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