LA Times Ed Board Condemns Pelosi & Hart

March 25, 2021

The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board – which most objective observers do not consider a bastion of conservatism – came out with an editorial strongly condemning Nancy Pelosi and Rita Hart’s attempt to overturn the state-certified results in Iowa’s Second Congressional District.

The LA Times writes, “A Democratic congressional candidate from Iowa who lost a close election last year is hoping that the House will overturn the state-certified result. Tempted as they may be by the prospect of padding their slim majority, House Democrats should reject her request… Hart has refused to concede, claiming that 22 votes in her favor weren’t counted. A filing by her lawyer with the House Administration Committee, citing a 1985 precedent, argues that in determining who should occupy the seat, the House committee ‘is certainly not bound to’ follow state law. Notably, Hart didn’t challenge the outcome in state court.”

This is the latest in a string of editorials from across the political spectrum condemning this corrupt power grab by Pelosi and co.

Maybe that’s why more and more vulnerable House Democrats are abandoning this effort by the day.  

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