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The most incompetent organization in Washington
Mike Berg | April 5, 2021

Politico reports that vulnerable House Democrats are seeking answers directly from DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney after they got an unwelcome surprise in their campaign accounts: $5,000 from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The vulnerable Democrats are upset because the DCCC gave their wire transfer information to Ocasio-Cortez’s aides without asking for approval, and now the vulnerable Democrats are (rightly) worried that we will use the donations in attack ads.

This isn’t the first time Sean Patrick Maloney’s DCCC has put vulnerable Democrats in a bad spot. 

Let’s roll the tape:

The DCCC began the cycle by spending $500,000 on laughably false ads linking Republican members to QAnon. The ads were so bad that the DCCC’s own membership denounced them.

Then Sean Patrick Maloney hired former gang “triggerman” Dyjuan Tatro as a senior advisor to the DCCC. Tatro referred to the Capitol Police as “white supremacists,” wants to defund the police, and sent a number of tweets trashing Joe Biden.

One cop-hating staffer wasn’t enough for Sean Patrick Maloney, so he hired Erica Joy Baker as the DCCC’s CTO. Baker also wants to defund the police, referred to police as the “modern day slave patrol” and called on her followers to burn police stations to the ground.  

And last but not least, let’s not forget that the DCCC funded Rita Hart’s attempt to overturn the certified results in Iowa’s Second Congressional District. Vulnerable Democrats were forced to answer weeks of uncomfortable questions about this anti-Democratic stunt before it went down in flames.

NRCC Comment: “Sean Patrick Maloney’s DCCC is doing everything it can to make life miserable for vulnerable House Democrats.” – NRCC Spokesman Mike Berg

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