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Axne refuses to rule out throwing biofuels under the bus
Mike Berg | April 22, 2021

Iowa Democrat Cindy Axne is making a lot of noise about trying to stop Joe Biden from killing Iowa’s biofuel industry with his “infrastructure” bill.

But the Des Moines Register reports that Axne still might vote for the bill even if it kills one of Iowa’s most important industries.  

Des Moines Register: “Axne said she plans to work with people in the Biden Administration, including Housing and Urban Development Sec. Pete Buttigieg, to coalesce support. But she’s not ready to say she would withhold her vote on the final package if her recommendations aren’t taken into account, she said.”

Let’s be honest: Cindy Axne takes her marching orders from Nancy Pelosi, even if it means hurting Iowa. If Pelosi tells Axne to vote for this bill, she’ll do it.  

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